The strong desire to discover and value authentic and unrecognized productions but firmly linked to their own territory.

To do this we tried not to limit ourselves to just a few realities, but we have expanded our horizons by looking at small craft workshops and farms discovering many high-qualirty craft products.

Each product on our platform always responds to specific selection criteria, calibrated according to the type of product. Basic requirements are uniqueness, craftsmanship and traceability, but not only: we choose PDO, PGI, ORGANIC and SLOW FOOD certifications superior to their reference reality and we are looking for manufacturers who know how to innovate in the tradition, generating that added value to a already produced in itself extraordinary.

Excited in creating and treating with the utmost professionalism and transparency an activity that finds its foundations in the union of tradition and modernity, Foodaly selects products with passion in order to guarantee a high quality and to contribute to the diffusion of craft products that are not easily found.